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For Acrylic Texture
 Hotels - Casinos -  Restaurants
Office buildings
high traffic areas.
Where wall are bumped torn scraped, scratched and marred.
When product dries on the walls it's like having a iron film to protect you investment.
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The perfect combination of durability and energy savings. See our

Thermal Paint



We bring in Large Crews  to accommodate your
specific needs and schedule
Our crews work 24/7 nights & weekends including holidays

Time to remove that Dark orange Vinyl paper                Much Better      


We look forward to your commercial painting of Hotel Motel & Condos painting project in all of the Arizona, phoenix,
Sun City, mesa, and Tucson areas. 
       Serving the Phoenix Tucson area, as a painting contractor licensed and bonded for both commercial painting and Commercial wall ~paper and vinyl. Epoxy, Oil, Stains, Commercial Wall~ Paper Logos Towers, Malls parking garages structures and commercial properties, new construction, Industrial and Hotels, Condominium complexes, Apartment Complexes, Hospitals Casinos, Parking structures, High-rise buildings, Shopping Malls, Water Towers, Industrial Complexes, Schools commercial improvements, commercial improvements, electrostatic
metal painting, Wallpaper experts

 Areas we serve & more
Phoenix , Winslow , Tucson , Scottsdale,  Prescott, Page, Nogales, Lake Havasu City,
 Flagstaff, Cave Creek,  Avondale,  All of Arizona

   1 - Hotels
   2 - Condominium complexes
   3 - Apartment Complexes
   4 - Hospitals
   5 - Casinos
   6 - Parking structures
   7 - High-rise buildings
   8 - Shopping Malls
   9 - Water Towers
  10 - Industrial Complexes
  11 - Schools


 Epoxy Floor Coating
Sand blasting

Electrostatic Painting -
Faux Painting
Replace Dry rot, 
Siding, Trim,
 Complete renovation

Vinyl Wall Covering

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